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We are all Iranians

I’ve been watching this story on Iran’s “election” build for weeks now; and I, like everyone in the U.S. just assumed that Friday’s vote would come and go and that Ahmadinejad would be reinstated, as dictators always are, and that would be that.

Then, when I started to see images on blogs of rallies starting […]

Senate Passes Bailout Bill: Et tu, McCain?

So much for being a maverick. McCain has wimped out and fallen in line with the good ol’ boys to vote for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. He could have used his influence to help produce a better bill based on more free-market solutions, such as government loans to businesses instead of outright bailout and […]

History in the Making: Bailout voted down

[UPDATE:  The bailout has been voted down — it has a slight chance of being reversed, but right now the “nays” have it. This piece was written before this news.]

It’s like a scene straight out of Atlas Shrugged. The economy is flailing — quite possible beyond help at this point — dragged down by the […]

John Bolton on Russia

Good article by John Bolton published by U.K. Telegraph.

If there were ever a moment since the fall of the Berlin Wall when Europe should be worried, this is it. If Europeans are not willing to engage through Nato, that tells us everything we need to know about the true state of health of what is, after […]