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Sam Harris Says Reject “Atheist” Label

Sam Harris recently gave a lecture at an “atheist” conference where he shocked his audience by telling them their use of the label “atheist” is a huge mistake — “a mistake of some consequence,” to be exact.

To understand the magnitude of his “seditious proposal,” you have to know that Harris is considered one of […]

Avi Lewis Interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Avi Lewis’ interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an excellent example of the fundamental differences between thinkers on the Left versus the Right. It’s also an excellent example of Hirsi Ali’s intellectual prowess.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a genius. I know she would probably deny that claim, but anyone who can rise out of one […]

Ayn Rand and Secular Morality

Here’s a short and sweet article on Ayn Rand in Forbes online. (hat tip: Rick Gaber) I think the authors are right that the time is ripe for a truly secular morality — a morality that celebrates this life, however fleeting.

Phil Donahue once questioned Ayn Rand about her atheism. At the time, she was […]

Andrew Sullivan debates Sam Harris: “I do not believe in a spaghetti flying monster.”

I’ve mentioned before that the debate on religion (faith) versus reason is “heating up,” and like the elections of 2008, the outcome of the debate promises to be a pivotal turning point in human history.

One glimpse into the dialog between a mystic and a rationalist can be read in the letters exchanged between Sam […]