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A Virtuous, Virtual City-State

Have you ever found yourself lamenting the decline of morality in the world? And, I don’t mean religious morality. I mean respect for living virtuously here and now — being rational, honest, independent, productive and just.

Do you sometimes feel like the cheaters and liars of the world are rewarded, while the honest people are […]

Wildlife Video

In this video, a group of travelers in South Africa witness predators attacking water buffalo. It takes a few minutes to watch all of it, but it’s worth it. Even more amazing than the tenacity of the predators (coming from land and river) is the rescue mission by the herd. It’s incredible footage. [hat tip: […]

Disturbing Bee News

I guess “colony collapse disorder” has been in the news for a while, but it just came to my attention this week. Apparently, bee colonies in the U.S. and parts of Europe are collapsing for unknown reasons. Researchers are trying to find the causes, which may involve parasites, fungus or even mobile phones. If the […]

Insects and Orchids

Moving from Colorado to Florida this year has been a fairly easy transition. I grew up in the South—in Florida and Alabama—so I am accustomed to heat, humidity and hurricanes. I’m familiar with the traffic issues and urban sprawl, too.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for, though, was bugs. I must have blocked this fact […]