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Blogging in September

Blogging has been slow in September, partly because I’ve been sick for almost a week now. I’ve also taken two vacations in September — one a few weeks back to Sanibel Island (pictured below) and tomorrow I head to D.C. I will blog on a meeting with fellow atheists there when I get back.

I’ve […]

Happy Fourth!

A Virtuous, Virtual City-State

Have you ever found yourself lamenting the decline of morality in the world? And, I don’t mean religious morality. I mean respect for living virtuously here and now — being rational, honest, independent, productive and just.

Do you sometimes feel like the cheaters and liars of the world are rewarded, while the honest people are […]

Wildlife Video

In this video, a group of travelers in South Africa witness predators attacking water buffalo. It takes a few minutes to watch all of it, but it’s worth it. Even more amazing than the tenacity of the predators (coming from land and river) is the rescue mission by the herd. It’s incredible footage. [hat tip: […]

On Grief

Several people in my life have experienced the loss of loved ones this past year. The deaths that touched them were unexpected and tragic. Their loves were young and irreplaceable.

These losses go on affecting my friends in ways I don’t fully understand. The depth of their grief is something I can only imagine. I […]