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The Message I Got from Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’: Don’t Give Up

I just finished listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers:  The Story of Success, which is really the story of extraordinary success—the kind that lies outside the bell curve, the kind achieved by Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, or the Beatles.

I had been meaning to listen to Outliers for a while now because I really enjoyed […]

Embracing Corporate Obsolescence

Change is an immutable force. Some of us embrace it, some of us resist it, but no one escapes it. In today’s Information Age the speed of change is accelerating at such a dizzying speed that it’s rewriting the rules of business.

“Corporate bureaucracy is becoming obsolete,” writes Alan Murray, in his WSJ article, “The […]

Sunset in the Bahamas

I recently returned from a trip to Nassau, Bahamas. It was my first cruise, and it was a blast. The highlights were definitely two snorkeling trips and the exquisite views from the both the ship and the beaches at Coco Cay.

I have a slight phobia of sharks, being of the “Jaws” generation, so I […]

My Trip to Shanghai

My recent trip to Shanghai, China, in December 2009. […]

We are all Iranians

I’ve been watching this story on Iran’s “election” build for weeks now; and I, like everyone in the U.S. just assumed that Friday’s vote would come and go and that Ahmadinejad would be reinstated, as dictators always are, and that would be that.

Then, when I started to see images on blogs of rallies starting […]

Gary Kaltbaum Let’s Loose: Government Needs to Get Out of the Market’s Way

Part II: Why Obama Scares MeI’ve been remiss in my blogging but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been following current events closely. I’m in shock. I can’t believe how fast the Obama Administration is moving toward a socialist economic system. I’m outraged that the Bush Administration set the stage. It seems like yesterday I wrote […]

Hurricane History

Growing up on the Gulf Coast and now living in Florida on the Atlantic side, hurricanes are just a part of life. I experienced Frederic in 1979, which hit Mobile, Alabama, directly as a category 3. I remember walking outside during the eye of the storm and being overcome with awe at the pink-tainted stillness. […]

Why the World Will Not End: A Great Letter from John Mauldin

I love John Mauldin’s newsletters. I am not his typical fan, I’m sure, as I am not a venture capitalist and my investing doesn’t go much beyond an IRA. But I learned of him one day while reading Thrutch by Amit Ghate and have been enjoying Mr. Mauldin’s newsletters ever since.

This past week he […]

Quincy the dog

I’m still on hiatus from hardcore blogging (for personal reasons), but I couldn’t resist posting this picture drawn by my niece. It made me smile. Thanks, KJ!

Sam Harris Says Reject “Atheist” Label

Sam Harris recently gave a lecture at an “atheist” conference where he shocked his audience by telling them their use of the label “atheist” is a huge mistake — “a mistake of some consequence,” to be exact.

To understand the magnitude of his “seditious proposal,” you have to know that Harris is considered one of […]