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Another Tea Party Victory: Marco Rubio

In yet another victory for the Tea Party, Marco Rubio, has won Florida’s Republican primary election for U.S. Senate in a landslide with over 84% of the votes. Rubio is now up against Kendrick Meek, the Democrat primary winner, and Charlie Crist, running as an Independent, in one of the most interesting races in the country.

Total voter turnout in Florida was around 21% (2.3 million out of 11.1 registered voters), but Republicans outvoted Democrats in the Senate race by about 16%. Republicans definitely seem energized and ready for Nov. 2. (SourceFlorida Election Watch)

Rubio, a state politician, was virtually unknown when he entered the race against Crist, an incumbent governor. His meteoric rise is testament to the Tea Party’s clout as much as it is his own charisma. And, he does have charisma. Here is his CPAC speech, much of which he echoed in his recent victory speech:

A big surprise in the Republican primary race for Governor was Rick Scott, a self-made millionaire, beating out establishment favorite Attorney General Bill McCollum. Scott will go head to head against Democrat Alex Sink.

In my Congressional District (FL-24), Sandra Adams narrowly beat Craig Miller and Karen Diebel. Adams will now face Democrat Suzanne Kosmas.

Update:  Looks like there may be a recount for the FL-24 Republican U.S. Representative primary. Adams beat Diebel by only 560 votes.

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