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Sense of the Ridiculous

A few years ago I had a conversation with a friend about senses of humor. She said her husband had identified a type of humor he called the “sense of the ridiculous.” You either have a sense of the ridiculous or you don’t. People who do have it are prone to uncontrollable fits of laughter […]

Another Tea Party Victory: Marco Rubio

In yet another victory for the Tea Party, Marco Rubio, has won Florida’s Republican primary election for U.S. Senate in a landslide with over 84% of the votes. Rubio is now up against Kendrick Meek, the Democrat primary winner, and Charlie Crist, running as an Independent, in one of the most interesting races in the […]

Embracing Corporate Obsolescence

Change is an immutable force. Some of us embrace it, some of us resist it, but no one escapes it. In today’s Information Age the speed of change is accelerating at such a dizzying speed that it’s rewriting the rules of business.

“Corporate bureaucracy is becoming obsolete,” writes Alan Murray, in his WSJ article, “The […]

Ground Zero Mosque-eteers

The New York Times editorial board predictably came out in defense of the Cordoba Initiative’s Ground Zero mosque project and praised President Obama’s stance on the issue (his first stance anyway). Obama, speaking at a Ramadan dinner at the White House last week, stated that the Muslims (led by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf) have every […]