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Obama-Gates Very Revealing

This is an excellent article by Melanie Phillips at Spectator.com on Obama’s reaction to the arrest of Henry Louis Gates by Cambridge, Mass. police. The very fact that Obama even commented on this event (!) is very revealing and shows that he is not above racial prejudice himself. I agree with Phillips that Obama’s 20-30 year history of aligning with racists and Marxists was unjustly dismissed by the left-leaning media as unimportant facts. She writes:

His whole background from the earliest days onwards was steeped in anti-white grievance politics of the most bitter and corrosive kind. This was all ignored. His two-decade membership of an anti-white church was ignored, his early anti-white mentors such as Frank Marshall Davis were ignored, his participation on the Nation of Islam ‘Million Man march’ and his association with Nation of Islam cadres were ignored.

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