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Senate Passes Bailout Bill: Et tu, McCain?

So much for being a maverick. McCain has wimped out and fallen in line with the good ol’ boys to vote for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. He could have used his influence to help produce a better bill based on more free-market solutions, such as government loans to businesses instead of outright bailout and government control over the banking and housing industries.

Michelle Malkin is doing a great job reporting on and opposing this corporate welfare bill. She has the roll call votes here (or you can see them on the U.S. Web site, here) and information on who to contact to fight it.

The same piece of socialist legislation that the House courageously rejected on Monday has been mangled even more and regurgitated through the Senate (passing 74-25). The bill is now over 400 pages (it was 110 when the House voted on it) and now it has the “Dodd Amendment” attached which adds welfare in the form of mental health legislation. Recall, Sen. Dodd is one of the leading corrupt figures who helped create this credit mess through housing reform legislation.

Our only hope for economic freedom in the future (since I pretty much feel like I live in a socialist state now) may be to seek out and support one of the brave House Republicans who spoke out against this legislation and to support his or her presidency for 2012. Ron Paul, incidentally, was one such representative, although I’m not a huge fan of Rep. Paul because I think his foreign policy of isolationism is too dangerous. (I seem to recall that Ralph Nader supporters are also trying to unite these two on a ticket, which seems like a contradiction to me since their economic policies are the exact antithesis of each other.)

But, there are other possibilities for a 2012 candidacy for president which I plan to research further. I will post them here as I find them. Perhaps a grass roots effort is in order. If we can muddle through the next 4 years, and then put in a more principled person in the executive branch, someone who is strong enough to fight for what’s right, we may still have a chance of avoiding the Second Dark Ages. Maybe we could even find someone who would leave religion out of the political discourse.

At this point, I don’t think I can vote for McCain because of his betrayal on this bill. So unless Palin convinces me otherwise tonight, I am seriously considering writing in a candidate for president. I have to research this further. I don’t want to throw away my vote, but I also think McCain is like Obama-lite anyway. We are in for a very rough ride these next 4 years, no matter who is in power.

I am so disgusted with our government right now. The corruption in the Senate is almost beyond comprehension. Et tu, McCain.

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