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Big Lizards on Fannie, Freddie and Frank

I think it was Woody Allen who once observed (and I’m not sure in what film) that everybody in the world is insane except you and me — and I’m starting to have my doubts about you. Well, it’s official.

And in honor of these strange days, I am adding Big Lizards to my blog […]

FDIC Alternative to Bailout?

William M. Isaac, chairman of the FDIC from 1981 to 1985, also thinks the current bailout is unnecessary. He thinks the current crisis can be calmed instead by “regulatory actions” that would not require a “raid” on taxpayer’s money. In his article, A Call To Arms, he writes:

In my view, if the FDIC were to […]

Senate Passes Bailout Bill: Et tu, McCain?

So much for being a maverick. McCain has wimped out and fallen in line with the good ol’ boys to vote for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. He could have used his influence to help produce a better bill based on more free-market solutions, such as government loans to businesses instead of outright bailout and […]