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Hurricane History

Growing up on the Gulf Coast and now living in Florida on the Atlantic side, hurricanes are just a part of life. I experienced Frederic in 1979, which hit Mobile, Alabama, directly as a category 3. I remember walking outside during the eye of the storm and being overcome with awe at the pink-tainted stillness. […]

Obama’s Artifice

I didn’t watch all of the Democratic National Convention — yawn — but I saw enough to know I didn’t miss anything. I heard Ted Kennedy’s speech, as well as Michelle Obama’s and Barack’s, and my initial response to all of it is this:  What a sham. These clever Dems know exactly what and what […]

John Bolton on Russia

Good article by John Bolton published by U.K. Telegraph.

If there were ever a moment since the fall of the Berlin Wall when Europe should be worried, this is it. If Europeans are not willing to engage through Nato, that tells us everything we need to know about the true state of health of what is, after […]

McCain vs. Obama Ad: Wow

LGF muses if this is the most sarcastic political ad ever. No doubt. I never thought I’d see Charleton Heston as Moses in a political ad, especially used as humor from the Right. This is McCain taking a direct hit on Obama’s uncanny ability to charm and mesmerize his audience in demigod-like fashion. Even the […]