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More Pragmatic Foreign Policy: U.S. Wrong to Recognize Kosovo

The history of Yugoslavia, with its violent tribes and sub-tribes, its struggles against Ottoman invasion, Axis invasion, monarchies, Communist dictatorships, mujahidin guerrilla warfare, and modern-day Christian thugs reads like a playbook of what’s in store for Western civilization if we fail to understand that “ethnicity” is not a fundamental basis for establishing a state. Rule […]

Trace Bundy on Guitar

I’m not the biggest fan of Guns ‘n Roses, but I do love this song (Sweet Child of Mine)…and I am a huge fan of acoustic guitar. This rendition by Trace Bundy is very soulful.

Quincy the dog

I’m still on hiatus from hardcore blogging (for personal reasons), but I couldn’t resist posting this picture drawn by my niece. It made me smile. Thanks, KJ!