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Will It Be Watered Down Conservatism for Florida?

I admit, I am very disappointed in Giuliani’s campaign strategy. He started off with such a bang, ahead in all the national polls; but it looks like he’ll end with a whimper in Florida—his self-proclaimed ace in the hole.

I suppose a Giuliani GOP nomination was a tough sell to begin with because of his socially liberal views, which, for Independents like me was his big draw, his piece d’resistance, along with his commitment to Reaganesque economics and his belief that capitalism is a good thing.

Now, with McCain gaining in delegates, the 2008 Presidential Election is beginning to look like every other election. I read once, (in a piece by a Leftist author I can’t recall), that much of the world knows that the American political system has a knack for churning out clones. Ouch—the truth hurts.

But I can’t deny this race is starting to look like we’ll have another bunch of clones—”Demicans” or “Republicrats”—to choose from. (McCain and Huckabee would make better Democrats, by the way.)

Robert Tracinski, in his always interesting op-eds, reminded me today about McCain’s contradictory ways. He wrote:

George Will has mobilized against John McCain, reminding us of the fact that McCain seriously considered an offer to run as John Kerry’s vice presidential candidate in 2004—and reminding us why it would have been a good match. But will the rest of the conservative intellectuals rally against McCain, and will they do it fast enough to prevent him from winning in Florida?

While McCain does seem to be showing strong in Florida, according to the polls, I’m betting he loses to Romney here. Giuliani is showing poorly in the polls here, and that is something his campaign simply could not afford.

Romney has his flaws, but he probably is the most fiscally conservative contender left in the race next to Thompson, (who, incidentally, has proved he would make a great VP). Some critics say Romney’s Mormonism will be problematic. I doubt it.

I’m thinking Romney has big Mo’ at this point, and he probably has a lot of Northeastern delegates coming his way. If he can make a good showing in California, he has a good chance of getting the nomination. A Romney/Thompson ticket would surely defeat Clinton, if not Obama. I think it would be an optimistic economic ticket, and perhaps it would even offer a slight sign of mutation among the clones. Maybe.

One thing’s for sure—if McCain wins in Florida, we’ll have more watered down conservatism.

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