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Rudy Addresses Federalist Society

More on Rudy Giuliani…who gave an impressive speech to the Federalist Society on Nov. 16. How often do you hear candidates talk of “principles” or “American exceptionalism”?

Here’s a sample of his optimism:

I get very, very frustrated when I hear Americans talk about or hear certain Americans talk about how difficult the problems we face are, how overwhelming they are, what a dangerous era we live in. I think we’ve lost perspective. We’ve always had difficult problems, we’ve always had great challenges, and we’ve always lived in danger. Do we think our parents and our grandparents and our great grandparents didn’t live in danger and didn’t have difficult problems?

Do we think the Second World War was less difficult that our struggle with Islamic terrorism? Do we think that the Great Depression was a less difficult economic struggle for people to face than the struggles we’re facing now? Have we entirely lost perspective of the great challenges America has faced in the past and has been able to overcome and overcome brilliantly?

I think sometimes we have lost that perspective. Do you know what leadership is all about? Leadership is all about restoring that perspective that this country is truly an exceptional country that has great things that it is going to accomplish in the future that will be as great and maybe even greater than the ones we’ve accomplished in the past. If we can’t do that, shame on us.

RealClearPolitics.com has a good compilation of political videos, which includes many of the ’08 candidates for comparison. If you scroll down to what is currently the third video from the bottom, you can view the entire speech.

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