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Netherlands supporting their destroyers

From the “Is Europe Lost?” file, we have this story from the Netherlands: Govt Subsidies for Mosques Not Unconstitutional

The Lower House was debating with the government on the controversial Westermoskee mosque, for which Amsterdam municipality provided a loan of 2 million euros. Once the construction had started, the mosque withdrew its signature from a covenant pledging it would send out a liberal message. Furthermore, 1.2 million euros has disappeared through presumed fraud. The construction has been halted.

The Dutch government was trying to buy appeasement from their Muslim immigrants, and they couldn’t even find Muslims willing to appear to promote their ‘liberal’ message.

Vogelaar also confirmed there was “a subsidy relationship with Milli Gorus” and her ministry on a national level. She has no wish to end this relationship and would only “consider this if indications should emerge that give cause for suspicion of criminal acts or extremism”. The same applies to the position of Milli Gorus in the Contact Body of Muslims and the Government (CMO), with which the government consults on integration policy.

They still plan to subsidize this group Milli Gorus, suspected of extremist ties, and the government won’t stop even though they already made a not-so-subtle threat of violence when construction was halted.

Should Amsterdam refuse the Turkish organisation Milli Görüs a new mosque, the resistance will be enormous. ‘Al-Jazeera will bring it big’.

The Wester mosque will be built, says Fatig Dag of the Turkish mosque umbrella Milli Görüs. If the authorities frustrate the plans, Milli Görüs will demonstrate. Dag will call on Turks around Europe, he announced in an interview with Trouw. He hopes for a peaceful demonstration and a non-violent ‘rebellion’, but he fears things may get out of hand. “Our people are emotional and there could be a crazy person among them.”

Talk about supporting one’s own destroyers.

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