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Of Mice and Genes: Living Healthy for Longer

Get used to this…yet another story illustrating the accelerating growth in our understanding of the mechanisms of life. We are surrounded by discoveries of mammoth implications that have not yet been integrated into our way of life. One of the best parts of this experiment is that the researchers did not anticipate these results, and in fact only executed “a standard genetic modification to a single metabolism gene.” And here we are — super mice that live dramatically longer, remain healthy, and have substantially more energy. And to put this list of our heart’s deepest desires tantalizingly close, humans share this seemingly miraculous fountain-of-youth-gene.

But should we humans benefit from this discovery? Not if we can help it, according to the humanity-haters:

Get used to this, too…we will be scolded, guilt-tripped, and scorned for attempts to extend our lives or enhance our abilities in these revolutionary ways. We must be strong to prevent this peer pressure from slowing our progress; society needs an accessible defense of the morality of human evolution. Anyone who can elevate the debate and clarify these issues is serving themselves and humanity at the same time.

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