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Avi Lewis Interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Avi Lewis’ interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an excellent example of the fundamental differences between thinkers on the Left versus the Right. It’s also an excellent example of Hirsi Ali’s intellectual prowess.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a genius. I know she would probably deny that claim, but anyone who can rise out of one of the poorest nations in Africa to become one of the most important American thinkers of today — not to mention a former member of Dutch Parliament — is a genius.

In the video, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a writer at the American Enterprise Institute, is, of course, on the Right, and Avi Lewis, a Canadian social democrat, is on the Left.

Lewis is shocked by Hirsi Ali’s statements that Islam, as a faith, is a monolith and that there is “no such thing as Islamophobia.” He is also incredulous that she thinks America is the best country.

After she makes the statement that the doctrine of Islam, “unreformed, unchallenged” is a monolith, Lewis challenges her:

AL: I could point to you other things in holy books that are equally offensive.

AHA: The other books, the Old Testament, the Bible, have become almost obsolete. There are no Christians who want to have the Bible replace any constitution in Western Society. The Pope actually apologized…

AL (interrupts): Ok, whoa! Ok, whoa! You live in the United States of America. This is a country where Evangelical Christianity has ascended to the highest ranks of power, where conservative social values, drawn from and justified by the Bible are imposed on people everyday.

AHA: I think you are exaggerating. You’re…

AL (interrupts): They shoot abortion doctors in the United States of America…

AHA: I can’t accept that critique…

AL: Homophobia is rampant!

AHA: When abortion doctors in the United States were shot, the federal government reacted to it by going after the perpetrators, putting them on trial and jailing them.

When, in Iran, two men went after a woman holding…a woman and a man holding hands and shot them, they were acquitted by the Supreme Court. That is the core difference.

Never confuse Islamic Sha’ria and the Muslims who really mean it with those extremist Christians who live in the United States. Extremist Christians in the United States, or in any other Western society, face the rule of law and are dealt with accordingly.

Lewis’ reaction is a perfect example of the Left’s philosophical subjectivism, its inability (or unwillingness) to logically distinguish right from wrong, its complete intellectual bankruptcy in epistemology and ethics (and therefore politics).

This type of thinking is why Leftists can applaud Ahmadinejad at Columbia, call victims of 9/11 “little Eichmanns” or equate Bush with Hitler. (hat tip: LittleGreenFootballs.com)

2 comments to Avi Lewis Interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali

  • Ronald

    No, this is for me again a pure example of Hirsi Ali’s intellectual weakness, naivety and lack of consequent thinking. She compares two things you cannot compare. She compares a fundamentalist Islam country, Iran, with fundamentalists in power and a fundamentalist Islamic-law-system with a democratic country, the USA, with a western law system and only part of it’s population being fundementalist Christians. She does not say, which makes the comparison right and will be the reality also!!, that when the USA would be rulled by this fundamentalist Christians there would be also a fundamentalist Christian law system. With the same kind of negative rulling.

    It is this kind of unlogical and naive and one-sided anti-Islamic thinking that made me being happy she left our country so her poisining of our society ended. Sorry to read many people still believe her lies.


    ps. and no i am not a leftist…

  • Greetings, Ronald,
    Well, we have to agree to disagree about Ms. Hirsi Ali. I suppose time will tell whether she is prescient or illogical. I still admire her for coming out of the poverty and irrationalism of one of Africa’s most dangerous states (Somalia) and embracing the ideas of the West to the degree she does. I am happy to have her in the U.S. I’ll take her and any other radicals for freedom and free speech. We need all we can get.

    Thanks for writing.

    Best regards,
    P.S. I did not think your were a leftist, for what it’s worth.