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Blogging in September

Blogging has been slow in September, partly because I’ve been sick for almost a week now. I’ve also taken two vacations in September — one a few weeks back to Sanibel Island (pictured below) and tomorrow I head to D.C. I will blog on a meeting with fellow atheists there when I get back.

I’ve been taking a hiatus from the news for a few weeks, too. It’s been depressing. I’m very disgusted with the state of the world. I’m trying to enjoy this one life I have to live and seeing Ahmadinejad smirking at one of our institutions of higher learning is not compatible with that goal. The moral relativism of the liberal intellectuals is not just disgusting, it’s dangerous.

How anyone could applaud or gives air time to a thug who sees nothing wrong with killing gays, Jews or authors, is beyond me.

So, while September is still here, I will do my best to ignore the preposterous.


1 comment to Blogging in September

  • Beautiful photograph (and beautifully displayed). Did you take it?

    Hang in there. 🙂 Look forward to hearing more about your adventures when you get back to blogging again.