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Giuliani vs. Edwards on Foreign Policy

Rudy and Edwards each have pieces on their foreign policy views at Foreign Affairs that are worth reading.

Edwards, (who apparently thinks he’s already been elected), sounds a bit like Carter to me:

Clean water and sanitation are also necessary to improve health, education, and economic prosperity. Women and children bear the burden of poverty and disease in the developing world. Women in the poorest countries have a ten percent chance of dying during childbirth. More than ten million children die each year from preventable diseases. Developing countries suffer enormously from the top three killer diseases: AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

As president, I will concentrate on reversing the spread of these three deadly diseases by guaranteeing universal access to preventive drugs and treatment by 2010. I will also substantially increase U.S. funding for clean-water programs.

Finally, I will direct U.S. agencies to lead an international effort to dramatically increase preventive care, beginning with increased vaccinations and the provision of sterile equipment and basic medications.

Contrast Edwards’ foreign aid stance with Rudy’s:

Economic development and engagement are proven, if not fail-safe, engines for successfully moving countries into the international system. America’s robust domestic economy is one of its greatest strengths. Other nations have found that following the U.S. model — with low taxes, sensible regulations, protections for private property, and free trade — brings not only national wealth but also national strength. These principles are not ascendant everywhere, but never has it been clearer that they work.

Ever more open trade throughout the world is essential. Bilateral and regional free-trade agreements are often positive for all involved, but we must not allow them to become special arrangements that undermine a truly global trading system. Foreign aid can help overcome specific problems, but it does not lead to lasting prosperity because it cannot replace trade. Private direct investment is the best way to promote economic development. The next U.S. president should thus revitalize and streamline all U.S. foreign-aid activities to support — not substitute for — private investment in other countries.

Rudy also doesn’t think much of the U.N:

The UN has proved irrelevant to the resolution of almost every major dispute of the last 50 years. Worse, it has failed to combat terrorism and human rights abuses. It has not lived up to the great hopes that inspired its creation. Too often, it has been weak, indecisive, and outright corrupt.

(hat tip: Instapundit.com)

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