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George Reisman on the Benefits of Globalization

George Reisman has an interesting essay on globalization posted at his site. He writes:

What is to be feared in connection with globalization is not that it will occur but that it will not occur, that the process of its achievement will be aborted or, indeed, thrown into reverse. Progress toward globalization can be aborted by the outbreak of war, including large-scale global terrorism.

In such conditions, outside sources of supply can no longer be relied upon, and greater economic self-sufficiency becomes necessary—which, of course, constitutes movement in the opposite direction of globalization. It can also be stopped by the failure of much or most of the world to adopt and then maintain the pro-free-market political-economic policies necessary to its achievement, including such failure in our own country.”

Lately, I’ve noticed a trend among statists or neo-Marxists, like Hugo Chavez, Robert Mugabe, Samir Amin, the U.N., et al, is to vilify “globalization” and paint it as something to fear.

Socialists love to use phrases like “imperialist globalization” or “U.S. capitalist hegemony” in the same breath.

Do people really fall for the New Left rhetoric when socialist economies around the world are collapsing by the minute? (Not to mention the old examples of Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and much of Latin America…or an aging, stagnating Europe…or our own statist tendencies that grow worse with every Saudi arms deal…)

Another modern example: Zimbabwe is a classic case study of how quickly economies free-fall when governments manipulate them.

Mugabe and his Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front party (ZANU-PF) have been implementing their Marxist plans to “redistribute” land and natural resources back to the indigenous peoples of Rhodesia since they came to power in 1980.

The country’s economic decline spun out of control in 2000, shortly after Mugabe’s government authorized the seizure of white-owned farms for “redistribution.” As Zimbabwe went broke, Mugabe’s government continued to gobble up private industries to fund the growing ranks of civil servants and public welfare projects.

Today, his thugs have arrested over 7,000 businessmen because they refuse to comply with his price slashing order, (which he mandated to combat the inflation). His government is poised to nationalize all businesses in the name of the “people.”

And, now that Zim is broke, how will Mugabe get the money to fund all his government projects? He’ll simply print more, proving that he’s totally insane.

So, what’s the result of all these statist policies?

A banana in Zimbabwe, if you can find one, now costs more than a four-bedroom home used to cost. Inflation is predicted to top 100,000 percent by 2008. Most people are starving or dying of AIDS. An estimated 3.4 million of the indigenous people have fled Zimbabwe under Mugabe’s rule.

Of course, it’s well-known that Mugabe blames Bush-Blair and globalization for all the world’s maladies.

Dictators clamoring for control continually try to equate globalization — (which is the spread of capitalist systems) — with Colonialism — (which is a slave system that no one in the West defends anymore).

In fact, I think I speak for most people in the West when I say the West hates Colonialism. We hate the Spanish Inquisition and the imprisonment of Galileo, too…but, we really hate slavery. We hate that it ever happened.

Of course, what the neo-Marxists will never admit is that socialism is a modern slave system…with everyone forced to work for the State.

And, the neo-Marxists will never ever admit that what Zimbabwe needs is a little globalization.

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