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Money, money, money…

I think it’s safe to say that the recent subprime mortgage debacle took everyone by surprise, although I do recall Greenspan warning of a “housing bubble burst” back in 2002.

Still, no one knows how far-reaching the effects of the current crises will be. And, while I respect the motor and creativity of the U.S. […]

Hillary was for socialized medicine before she was against it…

It seems like every time I hear Hillary Clinton speak she is mincing words, denying something she said, or claiming some label put on her is a “right-wing attack.” Most recently she claims her plan for universal health care coverage is not “socialized medicine.”

My dictionary defines socialized medicine as: “medical and hospital services for […]

My Simpsons Avatar

I kept hearing about the avatar-maker at the Simpsons Movie website, so I thought I’d check it out…It’s amazing what different hair and eyeballs do for a person…

Giuliani vs. Edwards on Foreign Policy

Rudy and Edwards each have pieces on their foreign policy views at Foreign Affairs that are worth reading.

Edwards, (who apparently thinks he’s already been elected), sounds a bit like Carter to me:

Clean water and sanitation are also necessary to improve health, education, and economic prosperity. Women and children bear the burden of poverty […]

Great Optical Illusion

I happened across the winners of the top 10 best optical illusions today…this one of a pyramid is really cool!

George Reisman on the Benefits of Globalization

George Reisman has an interesting essay on globalization posted at his site. He writes:

What is to be feared in connection with globalization is not that it will occur but that it will not occur, that the process of its achievement will be aborted or, indeed, thrown into reverse. Progress toward globalization can be aborted […]