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President Allison Taylor

I like the sound of that! I was telling a friend of mine the other day that I had a namesake on The Simpsons—Allison Taylor is Lisa’s rival at Springfield Elementary.

But, he just sent me this link that says Allison Taylor will be the new President on 24 next season! That definitely trumps my […]

Andrew Sullivan debates Sam Harris: “I do not believe in a spaghetti flying monster.”

I’ve mentioned before that the debate on religion (faith) versus reason is “heating up,” and like the elections of 2008, the outcome of the debate promises to be a pivotal turning point in human history.

One glimpse into the dialog between a mystic and a rationalist can be read in the letters exchanged between Sam […]

Happy Fourth!

Girl From Ipanema

Every now and then I liked to watch the 1964 video of Astrud Gilberto singing, “The Girl From Ipanema.” It was always good for a smile. I just found out YouTube had to remove the video due to a copyright issue…

However, this one’s good for a smile, too…here is Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos […]