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Totalitarian Rule in Gaza

With its recent coup in Gaza, Hamas has lost all rights to participate in any government for the Palestinians. Any state backing Hamas has also lost all political rights.

To get a sense of the level of barbarism that Hamas represents, consider this report by Avi Issacharoff at Ha’aretz describing the military takeover, which began […]

Czech President Klaus’ Assault on Gore

My friend, Scott, sent me this interesting article by Czech President Vaclav Klaus: “What is at risk is not the climate but freedom.” In the article, Klaus attacks the environmentalist doomsayers like Al Gore, calling them “Malthusian pessimists,” and he criticizes the irrational hysteria they are causing. He points out that the doomsayers really just […]

A Virtuous, Virtual City-State

Have you ever found yourself lamenting the decline of morality in the world? And, I don’t mean religious morality. I mean respect for living virtuously here and now — being rational, honest, independent, productive and just.

Do you sometimes feel like the cheaters and liars of the world are rewarded, while the honest people are […]