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We Are Not a Democracy

Al Gore has a new book out–Assault on Reason–which, unfortunately, isn’t a confessionary tale about his own assault on reason. I haven’t read the book, but I share the viewpoint of the two American Thinker reviewers, who criticize Gore’s analysis of U.S. “democracy.”

This idea of “democracy” in the U.S. is a bromide that needs to be stopped. As the reviewers note, the United States is not a democracy; it is a constitutional republic. The Founding Fathers went to great lengths to avoid a democracy or rule by majority vote. They did this because they knew that the majority is not always right.

Calling the U.S. a democracy is perhaps forgivable among the young, but Gore has no excuse. As a former Vice President, his error can only be specious. Of course, he would like nothing better than to have his ideas of expanded government control and mandated technology limits subjected to majority rule.

3 comments to We Are Not a Democracy

  • Cathryn flowers Ritchie

    I went to your blog because it mentioned the wpaf in march. Noticed the poetics….

    Do you write poetry? where?

    Enjoyed this little blurb.
    Cathryn flowers Ritchie
    p.s. I’m in winter park, panera, as I write…still trying to wake up. Writing and organizing. Didn’t quite read the above reply info required. When it said, Mail, I put female….duhhh. Came back and I looked a little closer…OH, my email address. Shows you how I often get the whole message but miss the little details. Sometimes silly mistakes and others, not.

  • Cathryn flowers Ritchie

    out mistakes often work out to good.

    I was writing an article this week for a renovation mag. It was the 4th I had to do in three days. I was plum out of adjectives. The wrought iron gates, window treatments, etc. were elegant and beautiful. But, my article was like dull mush. So, I went to a fancier home mag and found some good adjectives. Some I incorporated immediately and some I just typed at the top of the page for further reference. After finishing the article, sent it in. My editor called later and thought the article was great, especially the two one word sentences: Adorn. Abundant.

    What a hoot!

  • Hi, Cathryn,
    Thanks for writing. I do write poetry, but I haven’t published anything. I never feel like my poems are quite finished and often tweak them years later. For me, poetry is more cathartic.

    I’ll have to check out renovation magazine…