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The Secret of Cleaning House

I was going to blog on Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret, a few weeks back but forgot about it. Then, my friend, Brian, sent me this hilarious review at Reason.com…which got me thinking about it again…The somewhat fictionized story that follows tells my experience with the secret…

I first heard about the book The Secret […]

Lessons from an Infidel

Imagine you are female, five years old, and your grandmother decides it is time for you to be “purified.” She invites strangers into your house to conduct this anticipated ritual. After circumcising your brother, they grab you and hold you down. Without any anesthesia, they cut out your genitals with scissors and sew your […]

Hope for the Aging Brain (and Body)

Psychology is a relatively young science, if you consider it remained the province of philosophers until the late nineteenth century. Even today, despite a handful of notable exceptions, it lacks clear, unifying principles. Thankfully, we survived Freud’s subversion of the conscious mind, Skinner’s behaviorism and the social theorists to emerge in the era of the […]

Opposition to Real ID Act of 2005 grows

The battle to repeal the federal “Real ID Act of 2005” is heating up in Senate hearings. Jim Harper, Director of Information Policy Studies at Cato Institute, testifying Mar. 26 called the act a “dead letter” that would ultimately “cost more to implement than it would add to our country’s protections.”

Born out of recommendations […]

What Ails the Conservative Movement

Conservatives in America (and their counterparts in the Republican Party) face a pivotal decision today: whether or not to accept or reject the religious right element within the movement. The outcome of this important debate will impact American politics and our level of political freedom for generations to come.

I applaud the efforts of the […]